Thursday, June 18, 2009


I remembered this unforgetable day
which took place when I was 6 years old.
My grandpapa wanted to take my bother n me to town
after we had dropped at a sundry shop near a home.
I didn't want to join them so I suggested
that I would walk home on my own.
I was convincing I could get home easily
so my grandpapa agreed to my suggestion
altough he was so worried to let me go home alone.

so my grandpapa and my my brother left on a trishaw for town
while I walked home.
After walking for about 10 minutes,
I began to feel that da way home seemed rather long
and endless.
I looked out for a familiar sign or spot
but there was same.
It was then that I realised that I was lost!

I continued walking for hous and
it was past noon when I decided to rest under a tree.
A passing trishawman stopped to talk to me.
When I told him that I was lost,
he offered to send me home.
We soon reached the residential area where
I lives but I was horrified to find that
I could not recognise my own house.
All da house there looked same!

After that,
when the trishawman was beginning to get bored with me,
I heard someone called out my name.
it was my father!
He was on his way out to make a report to police station.
My family realised that I was missing when
my grandpapa and my brother come back from town.
My parents thought that I was with them all the time.
My grandpapa was so realized because let me walk home alone.

On that day,
I was lost for 5 a half hours.
It's a day that I will never forget
brcause I dare to imagine what would happen to me
if I had not got home.
Thanksful to God so much!:)

*da end*
cam easy kn?
mmg easy pOm,,tuk english class td!

believe it or nOt?
believe it!:))

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