Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So its okay to fall apart sometimes.

“I’m that girl that’s always happy. the one who never has problems, and when I do, they don’t get to me. Everyone sees me as the one they can count on to put a smile on their face because as far as they know, I always have one on mine. No one looks any deeper than that.”

Dont be scared, you dont need to pretend that everything is fine. let it go, cry if you must, fall apart, go on…let it drain you. pour out everything, let your heart mourn, let it hurt until it hurt no more. And once you gain strength, stand up again, dry the tears, pick up the pieces and live again. And see how it molds you to a better and stronger person.

so, it's okay. :)


mr.syazwan said...

unbreak my heart x??


reenapple said...

100% agree...

FariehanIbrahim [LBC] said...

@mr.syazwan; xde lar break sgt kann..

@reenapple; kannn..hehe ;D


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