Wednesday, August 6, 2014


If your eyes tends to look at some non mahram ,lower your gaze.
its ‘JIHAD’

If you friends call you for cinemas, dont accept it.
its ‘JIHAD’

If your tongue wants to speak illegal, control it.
its ‘JIHAD’

If your heart tends to back bite people, restrain from it.
its ‘JIHAD'

If you are so angry on your brother for his mistakes, never abuse him, be cool.
its ‘JIHAD’

If your parents say something thing that is beneficial for u in the hereafter and you dislike it, follow them and ignore what you like.
its ‘JIHAD'

If you want to plan something Bad, forget it, control your Nafs.
its ‘JIHAD’

so Fear Allah and do your best to please Allah.

Satan is the enemy of every soul, strive to defeat him.

obey Allah and His messenger (Peace be upon him)

increase your Dua. strive against the evil of your own soul..

Ayuh berjihad...

*copy & paste from tumblr.


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